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Transmission Repair

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Unlike a transmission service where only 25% to 30% of the transmission fluid is replaced we are able to replace 100% of your transmission fluid. We also flush out and clean your torque converter, valve body, transmission cooler and all internal parts to help improve transmission performance and longevity. We recommend that this be performed at least every 30,000 miles.

Not all problems can be fixed with a service. Sometimes there is an electrical or internal problem. If so, we advise that you immediately have the vehicle inspected to prevent further damage. Today's transmissions are computer controlled and can often be repaired without removing the transmission. Our service experts have the factory equipment to properly diagnose any transmission problem you have.

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Signs you may need Transmission Repair

  • Delayed Engagement - You will notice a long pause between the time you select a gear and the actual time the vehicle begins to move.
  • Rough Shifting - Can be described as a shudder or overly firm shift between gears.
  • Engine Revving Too High - Engine revs up too high before shifting to a higher gear.
  • Slow To Move When Cold - This is much like delayed engagement, however the transmission will usually slip and not provide full power until the transmission has warmed up.

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