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Suspension Repair

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Suspension systems wear out slowly but most people don't realize there is something wrong until there are multiple problems. A periodic inspection is key to reducing repair costs and extending tire life. We have the absolute best suspension and alignment equipment to tell you what you really need.

Couple that with our extensive knowledge and we will tell you what is specifically wrong and why so you don't unnecessarily replace parts.

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Signs you may need Suspension Repair

  • Poor Ride - Your car doesn't ride like it used to. Feels rougher, car bottoms out going over speed bumps or pulling into the driveway, feels likes you're floating, or bounces too much when going over bumps, feel like your leaning too far when turning.
  • Possible Causes - Faulty control arm/bushing, ball joint, sway bar / link bushing, trailing arm, coil spring, leaf spring, shock, strut, strut mount, strut bearing or improper alignment.
  • Noises - Clunks, rattles, or squeaks when going over bumps or turning.
  • Possible Causes - Faulty control arm/bushing, ball joint, sway bar / link bushing, steering knuckle, rack and pinion, steering gear box, steering coupler, steering column, tie rod end, center link, drag link, wheel bearing, improper alignment.
  • Feels Too Loose When Turning - Feels too easy to turn or you feel "play" or delay in the steering.
  • Possible Causes - Faulty control arm / bushing, ball joint, steering knuckle, rack and pinion, steering coupler, steering column, steering gear box, tie rod end, drag link, center link.

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