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Diesel Repair

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Modern diesel trucks are amazing pieces of equipment that make light work out of heavy loads and get great fuel mileage at the same time. These engines and their control systems are completely different than their gas counterparts and require people truly trained to repair them. We here at Allied have the right tools and people to get your diesel performing properly.

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Signs you may need Diesel Service

  • Rough Running or Check Engine Light On - Light is on or flashing. Inspect your flashing check engine light immediately to avoid catalyst or engine problems. You may also experience the engine misfiring with more than normal vibrations.
  • POSSIBLE CAUSES - Fuel delivery system, turbocharger, injectors, cooling system, or internal engine problem.
  • Lack of Power - More pedal effort is required to pull loads or achieve desired speeds.
  • Possible Causes - Lack of turbo boost, fuel delivery system, restricted exhaust, air delivery system, or pcm.
  • Hard Starting or Smoking - Diesels should not smoke excessively during normal operation. Black or white smoke indicates a fuel control problem or internal turbo/engine problem.
  • Possible Causes - Fuel delivery system, turbocharger, injectors, cooling system, or internal engine problem.
  • Oil Leaks - Oil leaks on a diesel should be inspected as the damage to vital wiring and hoses can often disable your truck. FYI-Ford diesels use the engine’s oiling system to operate the injectors and leaks should be inspected right away.
  • Possible Causes - Gasket, seal, turbocharger, oil line, oil filter, oil filter housing, oil cooler assembly, or high pressure oil pump.
  • Overheating - Today’s diesels are equipped with cooling systems designed to keep your engine at the correct temperature while pulling heavy loads and therefore a temperature gauge that reads too high is cause for immediate concern and inspection.
  • Possible Causes - Water pump, thermostat, radiator, cooling system hoses, restricted exhaust, cooling fan, or internal engine problem.

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