Car Not Running Right?
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Car Not Running Right

Car Not Running Right? For Prices & Questions Call 702-364-0566.

These problems are typically a same day repair as long as the vehicle is brought to us as soon as the problem is observed by the owner of the car. Otherwise, unexpected problems can arise adding time and expense to the service visit.

In times past a "tune up" would be recommended. Not anymore. The vehicles we drive today are very complex and not usually repaired with a tune up.

Today's vehicles require a specific approach for each make, model, and condition. Repairing these problems in a generic, one size fits all approach is an exercise in futility. We recommend making an appointment with experienced and fully equipped technicians like Allied Service Center to repair your poor running vehicle.

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Signs your Car is Not Running Right

There are a few common things you might notice when your care is not running right:

  • Vibration - You feel more vibration than usual in the steering wheel when the vehicle is idling at a stop.
  • Gas Mileage - You notice that you are filling up at the gas station more than usual.
  • Check Engine Light - Your check engine light or service engine soon light comes on steady or blinking.
  • Smoke - You see smoke coming from the tailpipe.

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Car Not Running Right?

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