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Differential Repair

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Your car's or truck's differential contains the gears and bearings that transfer all of the power to the road. If you tow or are driving a heavy type vehicle like an SUV you need to service your differential more often as the lubricant absorbs more heat from the increased load and breaks down sooner. The thing to remember is these repairs become much more expensive if you wait to bring it in.

Optimizing the gear ratio in the rear end can have as dramatic an effect as increasing the horsepower in the engine. Allied is one of the very few who can properly change the gear ratio in your vehicle to increase fuel mileage and improve acceleration. Call us today if you think you may have a problem or want to optimize your vehicle.

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Signs you may need Differential Repair

  • Noises - Are the most common sign of a pending differential failure. These growling, crunching, whining type of noises are often a sign that pinion bearings & races, differential bearings or races, axle bearings, ring and pinion gears, spider gears, posi traction unit, or the differential housing itself are starting to fail.
  • Vibration - You may feel a vibration in the floorboards and it will likely vary with speed. The good news is often times this problem can be resolved without a differential rebuild and it can be as simple as a driveshaft carrier bearing or u-joint. A faulty CV Joint or half-shaft could be to blame if you're equipped with 4 wheel drive or independent suspension.
  • Leaks - You will see fluid accumulating near the pinion seal, differential cover, or axle seals. There should never be any fluid around these areas. These systems typically hold only 2-3 quarts of fluid and a seemingly small leak can lower the fluid level rapidly.
  • You Want More Pulling Power or Acceleration - Numerically increasing the gear ratio in the rear end gives your car more mechanical advantage and therefore makes it "easier" for your car to accelerate.
  • Better Fuel Mileage - Optimizing the gear ratio will improve your vehicle's fuel mileage. Every vehicle and every driver is a little different and we recommend calling us today to see what works best for you.

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