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Steering Wheel Alignment

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Unlike many undercar garages and franchises, we DO NOT apply generic steering angles to your vehicle. For your benefit Allied's suspension experts use our the state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment System to properly diagnose suspension concerns. The benefit of this sytem for you is that it uses digital cameras coupled with laser trigonometry to achieve the exact steering specifications provided by all of the vehicle manufacturers. This machine itself costs tens of thousands of dollars and most shops do not have the confidence to own and use one for their customers but instead "sub out" the work to other businessness just like ours. When it comes to steering, having a vehicle that handles well will contribute to safety, longevity, and it will also enhance your driving experience for many years to come. You may say what a lot of our customers do, "it's almost like driving a new car".

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Signs you may need Steering Wheel Alignment

There are a few common things you might notice when its time for a wheel alignment service:

  • Pulls - Your car steering "pulls" in one direction. This is the most common concern. Most times this is caused by a steering angle that is out of adjustment. Sometimes, a under-inflated or faulty tire can cause a phenomena called "radial pull."
  • Wandering - You find it hard to keep your car from wandering over the travel lane. A misadjusted caster angle is most likely the cause of this concern. Think of the caster angle like the forks on a motorcycle. The more severe angle on the forks equals more caster. This angle has a great impact on the ability of the car to maintain a straight line.
  • Play - Instead of feeling in precise control of your steering you feel "play" or "slack" from the steering wheel to the turn of the wheels. Any worn suspension or steering components can cause this problem. Our service experts will use our state of the art Hunter Alignment System to isolate the root cause of the problem.
  • Clunking or rubbing noise - Rubbing or clunking when going over bumps, turning or stopping is a steering and suspension warming. Like slack in the steering, any worn suspension or steering components can cause this problem. Our service experts will use our state of the art Hunter Alignment System to isolate the root cause of the problem so you can get it fixed right the first time.
  • Tire wear - Your vehicle tire wear becomes uneven. A combination of misadjusted steering angles and/or worn components will cause this concern. Sometimes abusive driving or improperly inflated tires can contribute to this problem. This problem is extremely dangerous because the tires prematurely wear exposing a very thin section of the tire to the forces of the vehicle and the road.
  • Car bottoms out - If your car bottoms out when going over bumps then worn shocks, struts, or suspension components are a likely culprit. We strongly recommend having your alignment checked before any of these repairs are attempted so that all the components can be checked to minimize the possibility of having a repeat repair visit. If you have a strut equipped vehicle, you will need your alignment reset after having your struts replaced.
  • Replacing tires too often - Misadjusted suspension angles and/or improperly inflated tires are the most common reasons for this problem. In most cases, a proper alignment will fix this problem.

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